The end of a truly unique year!

We’ve reached the end of what can only be described as a truly unique year…

During the opening few months we were set to have our best year yet in terms of winning new projects and we were also given the opportunity for media coverage around our thoughts on Brexit and the impact for British Manufacturing. We never thought we would see Cube featured in such titles as the FT, Washington post, and for us to appear on Sky News and Fox News as well as numerous other regional and national press, radio and trade titles.

The high was to be short lived as Covid-19 took hold in March and we went into our first Lockdown. As a business we needed to adapt to the challenges that we were facing and also put the safety and well-being of our team as a priority. We joined the front line and helped to support our customer Elite Cameron in the manufacture of machines that went on to make PPE equipment (link to blog) and our MD, Neil Clifton went on Furlough for 13 weeks to look after his family while his wife focused on her role as a Sister in Intensive Care (link to blog). This was a rare opportunity for Neil, which gave him time to reflect on the business without the usual day to day distractions, and to think more broadly about the how to move Cube forward and adapt to doing business in the new Covid-19 world.

Supporting British Manufacturing and local suppliers has always been important to us and never more so as we move to Brexit in the New Year. Since September we’ve been pleased to take on board five new customers, one of which is creating new carbon fibre vehicles to reduce the carbon footprint of several well-known retailers.

We have also been supporting customers who have been importing tools from around the world. Their toolmakers are unable to support the homeline trials due to travel restrictions and so we have supported both our customer and their toolmaker in productionising tooling in the home line. New business means recruitment and new projects for our suppliers to support us on which means that we move into 2021 is a strong position. We hope that for all of us 2021 is a much more stable year, it certainly can’t be more unpredictable than 2020 but we know that Brexit will bring its own challenges and also opportunities, and as a British SME we couldn’t be more excited about the challenge!

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