Precision Tool Design, Manufacture & Sub-contract Machining



Established in January 2009, Cube Precision Engineering has grown to provide leading aerospace, defence and automotive companies with the highest standards in precision tool design, manufacture, sub-contract machining and low volume production.

Working predominantly from Prime and Tier 1 manufacturing companies we specialize in taking bespoke concept designs and producing prototype parts or full production tooling.

Using Delcam's suite of tooling including, Powershape, Powermill and Power Inspect we offer a facility of full traceability throughout the manufacturing process ensuring there is no time consuming translation between software packages. We are fully experienced in using IGES, DGK, Catia V5 and many other leading file types.

Specializing in large scale bespoke projects our CNC machining centres (up to 5m) lifting capacity (up to 35T) and try out facilities (1,000T) enable us to compete across a wide range of industries. We are specialist press tool makers so whether it is press tools for automotive body sides, a class 'A' panel for interior running boards or dashboards, a poker table or even the front strutted case for the latest medium range aircraft, Cube Precision have the experience and knowledge to deliver your projects on time.